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Find the customers who are READY to buy your services and rank for the RIGHT keywords and sell your HIGH MARGIN services…. It’s digital marketing, tailored to your business.

Marketing Case Studies

Website Development

Building a website is more than just some fancy font on top of a beautiful picture of a skyline.

It’s about answering questions, delivering an on-point message, incentivizing your leads, integrating with your existing technology… all while looking fantastic! 

Don’t just build a simple business card, build a website with a story, a website that converts… a website that grows your bottom line. 

Digital Marketing

 Business can be a ton of fun! But when you don’t have customers, it can be quite stressfull. Growing your customer base though strategic digital marking, SEO and ads is a great way to breath new life into your business!

Even if you’re doing well, you may want to double revenue and hire more staff… the only way to do this is to grow your customer base or sell higher margin products and services. Let us build a strategy to take you to the next level. 

Matthew Goldgrub
Matthew Goldgrub
I had an issue with my website and wasn't sure what went wrong or how to fix it. I got connected with The Digital MC through a referral and they came in and had my site up and running within the day. I really appreciated their help and advice and would refer The Digital MC without reservation.
Elizabeth Collins
Elizabeth Collins
Mark stepped into a situation where we lost the developer of our new website and helped us to launch it seamlessly. He was readily available when we needed his expertise for a successful launch. We were lucky to have found him during a turbulent moment in time.
Anna Spooner
Anna Spooner
Mark is very professional and knowledgable, I appreciated his help understanding how to maximize the impact of a Google Business Profile even as a nationally-focused business. This is a great company to work with!
Paesol Veerakitti
Paesol Veerakitti
I am absolutely thrilled to share my experience with Digital MC, a marketing consultancy and web design firm that has completely transformed my business. From the moment I reached out to them, I was met with professionalism, creativity, and a deep understanding of my needs. The team at Digital MC truly sets the standard for excellence in the digital marketing and web design industry. Right from the start, the process was seamless. The Digital MC team took the time to understand my business, its goals, and the unique challenges I faced in the competitive market. They crafted a custom marketing strategy that not only addressed my concerns, but also catapulted my brand to new heights. Their innovative approach to marketing left me in awe, and the results were simply astonishing. The web design component of their services was equally impressive. Digital MC created a visually stunning, user-friendly, and responsive website that exceeded my wildest expectations. Their meticulous attention to detail and cutting-edge design techniques resulted in a website that not only captures the essence of my brand but also serves as an exceptional user experience for my clients. Moreover, the team's communication and project management skills were top-notch. They provided regular updates on the progress of my project and were always available to address any questions or concerns. This made working with them a breeze and put me at ease knowing that my project was in good hands. In terms of return on investment, partnering with Digital MC has been worth every penny. Since the launch of my new website and marketing campaign, I have seen a significant increase in traffic, leads, and conversions. It's evident that their expertise and commitment to their craft have truly made a difference in my business. In conclusion, I cannot recommend Digital MC highly enough. Their marketing consultancy and web design services have been nothing short of revolutionary for my business. If you're looking for a team that will truly understand your needs, deliver extraordinary results, and provide exceptional customer service, look no further than Digital MC. They are the real deal, and I am proud to be a part of their growing list of satisfied clients.
Showri Chitti
Showri Chitti
Mark is very knowledgeable and professional when it comes to website building. The website he came up with for Reach Cloud was exactly what we were looking for, he answers all of our questions in a timely manner and also provided helpful tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of our website. Highly recommend the services The Digital MC provides.
Clayton Stenson
Clayton Stenson
Mark is brilliant. I got more value in a 30-minute call than I had in 6 months of working with my previous website designer. Consequently, I hired him to help me rebrand my website and the experience was amazing. He made it so easy by giving me headings to give me direction on the content I needed to write and we completed the entire rebrand in 10 days. I am super happy with the end result and I get lots of compliments on my website. More importantly, recently I signed my largest client ever, after he found me through LinkedIn and then booked a call after looking at my website. Thank you Mark!
Josh York
Josh York
Mark Campbell has the very rare ability to work seamlessly between development teams, service teams, and clients while delivering sophisticated ideas and solutions, in a way that everyone understands, and feels involved and heard. I've worked with Mark for over 15 years and while I've considered myself fortunate in every interaction, the education and understanding of code and infrastructure that he's delivered to me personally has been invaluable. Not to be forgotten is his power to deliver a comment or remark that never fails to bring a smile, especially when the heat is on and the moment needs it! Whether he's a team member or team leader, Mark Campbell has my full-throated endorsement and highest recommendation.
John Javier
John Javier
Mark can really create great looking websites at surprisingly cost effective rates. He's also demonstrated a high level of professionalism and commitment to all his projects. I have no question that Mark can make impress anyone in my network who needs website development help.
Ryan Kassner
Ryan Kassner
The Digital MC is one of the most meticulous, quality driven organizations I have ever worked with. They prioritize the highest quality, refusing to shortcut anything. They take pride in the work they produce and that is exactly who I want to partner with! Thank you for taking so much pride in your work!
Amy Goetz Kuffner
Amy Goetz Kuffner
It was a pleasure to work with Mark and his team! They are able to apply creative solutions to a variety of challenges. We asked Digital MC to help us to refresh our entire website design, improve UX, and apply critical, daily real-time updates to community covid-19 pages - and they delivered results above and beyond all expectations.

More Than Just Design - Real Converting Websites

Close Better Deals in Less Time!

Replace the old ‘Get a Quote’ button on your website with one that actually works!
Giving instant cost estimates has never been easier (with no fear of misquoting) and is exactly what your customers are looking for.
Your services, your costs, your leads.

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Some Of Our Work

I love web design. The concept, the execution with efficiency throughout the process.
A premium product at a good value. That’s my goal.

Logo Design & Brand

More than websites, if your brand needs a refresh, whether a mascot, new logo or business cards then let’s go! 

Ministry Of Brewing

Ministry of brewing is a startup brewery in Baltimore, MD focused on great tasting beer and community outreach. They also happen to be located in a beautiful old church.  From logo to code, this company’s brand was meticulously designed and developed to execute on it’s vision while providing a nod to its historical roots.

Full Service Digital Presence

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Product Label Design (Beer Bottles)
  • WordPress CMS Integration

Premium WordPress Consulting

The Lastest And Greatest WordPress Technology

From custom applications, plugins and themes to robust and interactive websites, you can count on a premium and experienced level of service.

I'm Proud Of My Clients

Enterprise level digital marketing is par for the course around these parts. Over the years I’ve had the honor working at various agencies and exploring a wide gamut of marketing initiatives. It’s been great working with a number of really amazing brands.

I’ve been trusted by them,  I hope to be trusted by you.


Don’t Just Take My Word For It...

Listen to a few people who have worked with me.
I think they’ve had some interesting thoughts on the matter. 

Mark is the go to guy for website development, design and digital marketing. He is a great communicator and strategize and will be for your projects. We will definitely be looking forward to using Mark in the future. Mark also has a great network of people that he can rely on to pull your projects together for the awesome presence you need for the web


Kent Klee

President, Ecommerce Retailer

Mark is our tech Superman. He is an absolute expert in all things email strategy – including all the coding and technical wizardry behind the scenes. He has been absolutely invaluable to our team at Spectrum Health in building successful email marketing campaigns (including automated sends), email journeys, plus consumer-friendly email templates. We greatly appreciate how he’s always responsive, helpful and on the ball. Thank you, Mark, for all you do.


Cheryl Welch

Corporate Communications Manager of Content Marketing, Spectrum Health

I’ve had the privilege of serving with Mark on several digital projects, and Mark has far exceeded my expectations every single time. You can always trust that Mark’s deliverables will be completed with a tremendous standard of excellence, phenomenal attention to detail, and ultimately – his work will consistently elevate your brand’s reputation.

Mark is, and will always be our (Maximize Value Consulting’s) digital guru, and we will be investing our digital resources with him. If you want to enhance the way your brand is perceived in today’s complex digital space, I highly recommend you do the same. You’ll be glad you did!


Chase Kreger

CEO, Maximize Value Consulting

Mark gets it done…. whatever “it” may be. He’s responsive, courteous and unusually easy to deal with. He’s always working to build long-term relationships, never looking for the “quick job.” I hope to have another project to work on with him soon.


David Fry

Executive Vice President at Industrimax

Mark is, and always has been, great to work with. Puts client needs first and is always striving for the right solution to a task/job/problem and has always been more than willing to ‘get his hands dirty’ with whatever the task/job might be. He’s responsive, courteous and as honest as they come. I’ve worked w/Mark for many years now and it’s always been a good experience.


Scott Chadwell

CTO & Partner, HDI

A leader of our companies Operations and an incredible UI/UX designer, Mark has stepped up to manage hard situations more often than I can count. Mark’s a self learner, multi-talented full-stack engineer and amazingly analytical when it comes to debugging problems. Mark’s super power is integrity. If he says something, you can be sure it is true. He’s also incredibly caring about people to the point of wearing his heart on his sleeve. Mark’s a devoted father, husband and christian who gives every day to his community and the underprivileged. Thank you Mark Campbell for everything you do and everything you continue to do! You’re an inspiration.


David DeVore

CEO, StoryPorts

Why The Digital MC?

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Our SEO solutions are strategic and systematic. We take care of your SEO needs from every imaginable angle, to ensure a firm foundation for growth.


We do a deep dive into everything from brand voice to customer demographics. Our polite and professional customer service assists you round the clock!

Proven Track Record

We have helped many clients boost their visibility, relevance and growth! And we can do the same for you too, no matter what your unique situation and challenges.

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