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Experience A Better Way.

Managing all the moving parts of a marketing strategy is difficult. By leveraging decades of experience over a wide gamut of diciplines you can put your mind at ease as The Digital MC sets you up for success and gives you the mic drop you’ve always wanted.

What Makes The Digital MC Unique?

It’s All About The Network Of Professionals

Marketing initiatives have many facets and I don’t put all my eggs in one basket. I’ve partnered with captains of industry over the years and you get access to my little black book. You get the diversity and strength of years of enterprise level experience without paying ridiculous agency fees. We’re top-notch professional digital marketers, come together to make your brand a success.

In short… everything you always wanted!

“But Digital MC… I’ve got a really specific problem…”

I’ve Got You Covered

Brand Design & Strategy

Do you make a good first impression? I hope so! But hey… if you need a little help that’s what we do. Logos, letterheads, brand guidelines, font treatment, info-graphics, whitepapers you name it, I’ll make sure it’s cohesive and beautiful giving you the brand recognition you’ve always dreamed of!

Website Development + WordPress

Building a website is more than just some fancy font on top of a beautiful picture of a skyline. It’s about answering questions, delivering an on-point message, and incentivizing engagement, all while looking fantastic! And don’t worry, I will make it SUPER easy to update and maintain.

Email Marketing

Is Email still king? You bet. Everyone online has one thing in common… they have an email address.  If you are having trouble leveraging the #1 marketing channel to it’s full potential then your wasting money! Let’s connect with your subscribers in way that thrills them to hear from you.

Sales Coaching

I’m so proud of my team, you should be too! Getting lot’s of leads is great, closing lots of deals is better. Consult with seasoned and certified sales trainers to make sure your team can handle the influx of new leads you’ll have to deal with. 

Software Consulting

So you built some software? That’s awesome! I too have been there done that and got the t-shirt (quite a few t-shirts actually)… Maybe your UI needs a fresh look, the application needs updated or you just need some general maintenance? Let me help you out.

SEO & Advertising

Let’s be real, ads are a massive undertaking and getting it right can be the key differentiator to running a successful campaign ($$$) and looking great in front of your colleagues. Let’s make you look great in front of your colleagues (and your boss).

I'm Proud Of My Clients

Enterprise level digital marketing is par for the course around these parts. Over the years I've had the honor working at various agencies and exploring a wide gamut of marketing initiatives. It's been great working with a number of really amazing brands.

I've been trusted by them,  I hope to be trusted by you.

The Lastest And Greatest Marketing Technology

Always innovating and always up to date with the latest email, web and software hot-topics. Whether it’s dynamic targeting in email marketing, mobile web design, the latest and greatest ad-spend or dynamic WordPress installation I’ve been there or just so happen to “know a guy”.


Recent Work

Ministry Of Brewing

  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO & Analytics
  • Product Label Design (Beer Bottles)
  • WordPress CMS Integration

Ministry of brewing is a startup brewery in Baltimore, MD focused on great tasting beer and community outreach. They also happen to be located in a beautiful old church.

From logo to code, this company’s brand was meticulously designed and developed to execute on it’s vision while providing a nod to its historical roots.



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