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Website Development

Building a website is more than just some fancy font on top of a beautiful picture of a skyline.

It’s about answering questions, delivering an on-point message, incentivizing engagement, integrating with your existing technology… all while looking fantastic! 

Software Consulting

Have a good idea but don’t know how to give it life? Maybe your business has some outdated tech and needs to optimize for new groundbreaking initiatives.

I’ve built software and I’ve built software companies.
Let’s do this.


I'm Proud Of My Clients

Enterprise level digital marketing is par for the course around these parts. Over the years I’ve had the honor working at various agencies and exploring a wide gamut of marketing initiatives. It’s been great working with a number of really amazing brands.

I’ve been trusted by them,  I hope to be trusted by you.


Don’t Just Take My Word For It...

Listen to a few people who have worked with me.
I think they’ve had some interesting thoughts on the matter. 

Mark is the go to guy for website development, design and digital marketing. He is a great communicator and strategize and will be for your projects. We will definitely be looking forward to using Mark in the future. Mark also has a great network of people that he can rely on to pull your projects together for the awesome presence you need for the web


Kent Klee

President, Ecommerce Retailer

Mark is our tech Superman. He is an absolute expert in all things email strategy – including all the coding and technical wizardry behind the scenes. He has been absolutely invaluable to our team at Spectrum Health in building successful email marketing campaigns (including automated sends), email journeys, plus consumer-friendly email templates. We greatly appreciate how he’s always responsive, helpful and on the ball. Thank you, Mark, for all you do.


Cheryl Welch

Corporate Communications Manager of Content Marketing, Spectrum Health

I’ve had the privilege of serving with Mark on several digital projects, and Mark has far exceeded my expectations every single time. You can always trust that Mark’s deliverables will be completed with a tremendous standard of excellence, phenomenal attention to detail, and ultimately – his work will consistently elevate your brand’s reputation.

Mark is, and will always be our (Maximize Value Consulting’s) digital guru, and we will be investing our digital resources with him. If you want to enhance the way your brand is perceived in today’s complex digital space, I highly recommend you do the same. You’ll be glad you did!


Chase Kreger

CEO, Maximize Value Consulting

Mark gets it done…. whatever “it” may be. He’s responsive, courteous and unusually easy to deal with. He’s always working to build long-term relationships, never looking for the “quick job.” I hope to have another project to work on with him soon.


David Fry

Executive Vice President at Industrimax

Mark is, and always has been, great to work with. Puts client needs first and is always striving for the right solution to a task/job/problem and has always been more than willing to ‘get his hands dirty’ with whatever the task/job might be. He’s responsive, courteous and as honest as they come. I’ve worked w/Mark for many years now and it’s always been a good experience.


Scott Chadwell

CTO & Partner, HDI

A leader of our companies Operations and an incredible UI/UX designer, Mark has stepped up to manage hard situations more often than I can count. Mark’s a self learner, multi-talented full-stack engineer and amazingly analytical when it comes to debugging problems. Mark’s super power is integrity. If he says something, you can be sure it is true. He’s also incredibly caring about people to the point of wearing his heart on his sleeve. Mark’s a devoted father, husband and christian who gives every day to his community and the underprivileged. Thank you Mark Campbell for everything you do and everything you continue to do! You’re an inspiration.


David DeVore

CEO, StoryPorts

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