How to Boost Clicks Through Banner Ad Design

When marketing a product, great banner ad design is essential for capturing the attention of your prospects as they scroll through a sea of memes. Creating an eye-catching ad design can be difficult because so much goes into it.

Creating a banner design that resonates with your target audience is difficult, so this article provides excellent advice to get you started.

Assess your banner ad format in the ad planning stage

The first decision to make is which ad format to use. Let’s talk about the most prevalent ad formats today before we get into the most effective way to design your banners:

Photo: The most basic ad format: a single image with some writing to convey your message. The phrase goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Choose a powerful image that connects with your target audience to determine how well your ad converts.

Stories: This format is ideal for mobile-friendly campaigns and is highly effective on popular social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. These short, vertical videos are meant to catch your audience’s attention.

Video: This format uses animations or footage to promote your brand, service, and product. Videos allow you to pack more details into your ad in a longer format, though most are only 30 seconds long.

Since each banner format offers a variety of advantages, you may need to mix and match to make the most of your advertising campaign.

Understand the significance of a value proposition and call-to-action in banner design

You already know you have an excellent product or service, but those who see your advertisement need a reason to believe. An effective advertisement evokes emotion to connect with your target audience personally. Ideally, this prompts viewers to act, such as trying your product.

Conversion rates are directly influenced by incorporating your value proposition into your ad and creating a clear call to action.

A good CTA creates a sense of urgency and makes it simple for users suffering from decision fatigue. CTAs can be as simple as “Download Now” or “Register Now,” or they can be as long as the platform’s character limit allows.

Ultimately, if your CTA persuades customers to stay engaged after seeing your advertisement, it has done its job.

Choose the appropriate size for suitable ad design placement

Choosing the best ad placements allows you to reach out to various audiences for whatever you are marketing. Ad placement is the location of your banner, which influences the size, location, and type of your paid ad.

Here are some examples of ad placements to consider:

  • Feeds
  • Search
  • Stories
  • Messages
  • Apps
  • In-article

Keep your banner designs consistent with your brand

When customers see your ad designs, you want to make an impression. People will remember who you are if they recognize your branding whenever they see you. Colors, fonts, and image arrangements are all vital banner design elements. Uniformity and consistency are vital to making a lasting impression.