How to Customize Your Advertising Banners

If you want to increase your online traffic with banner ads, you might wonder, “How can I customize my advertising banners so that people will want to click them?” Web banner design is concerned with systematically creating effective banner advertisements by carefully applying basic design principles. This post has compiled all the information you’ll need to create successful web banner designs.

What Is Ad Banner Design?

Ad banner design is one of the most popular forms of marketing in today’s online world, and it comes in various shapes and sizes. Web banner design aims to create the most clickable banner ads.

Banner ads are images embedded on web pages that display a product or brand while linking to the advertiser’s website. Most businesses use them because they are a low-cost, measurable, and effective way to raise brand awareness.

How Do You Create Effective Banner Ads?

So, how do you design and create banner ads that will entice people to click? The following are some general guidelines and tips for designing banner ads:

Maintain simplicity

Keep the content and visuals as simple as possible. Viewers will most likely only glance at your web banner.

Place your banner ads appropriately

Purchase web space where your design will be displayed above the fold and close to the page’s main content.

Use the most efficient and standard banner sizes

The most successful standard banner sizes, according to Google AdSense, are: 

  • 728x90px
  • 300x600px
  • 300x250px 
  • 336x280px
  • 160×600

Maintain hierarchy

Banner ad design depends on finding the right balance within each ad, so keep an eye on your hierarchy. Effective banner ads are designed to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. They are made up of three essential components:

Your company logo

To increase brand awareness, include your company logo. Make sure it stands out visually, but not as much as the other two components.

The value propositions

The value proposition highlights the service/product you offer and draws attention to itself with appealing offers and prices. Consider phrases like “high quality,” “limited-time offer,” or ” 50% off.” This should take up the most space in your advertisement and be the first thing viewers see.

The call to action

The call to action is the text or button that invites users to click. “Learn more,” “Get started,” and “Watch Now” are all excellent examples. This should be the ad’s clear focal point.

Use animations

Animated web banner ads typically outperform static banner ads. They can be very impactful in website banner design, but you must ensure they do not distract from your ad’s message.

Use simple animations which last no more than 15 seconds and do not loop more than three times. Make the final frame of your animation a definite call to action.

Have a well-defined frame

People’s gaze is naturally drawn to a subject contained within a frame. Effective banner ads have different frames with graphics extending to the box’s edges. If your ad is white, it’s common practice to surround it with a 1-pixel gray border.