How To Convert Leads from Your Website

How To Convert Leads from Your Website

Learning the ins and outs of lead conversion can be your company’s most powerful weapon if you understand the basics and how to apply them.

Lead conversion is a marketing process that involves engaging and converting potential customers into paying customers. This process encourages customers to purchase products or services and pushes them to make a purchase decision.

Your marketing and sales team is critical in this process because they are responsible for leading potential customers to sales opportunities. They aim to develop a relationship with them to move them along their buyer journey, making it easier to convert leads and sell to them.

3 Ways To Convert Your Leads:

  1. Optimize your web experience

Consider more than just the content on your company’s website. SEO, keywords, and calls to action frequently direct leads to a sale. You must use good keywords and SEO guidelines to convert online leads if your company has a website. Clustering your pay-per-click campaigns can be easier if you know your most effective keywords.

Other considerations include your website’s bounce rate (the percentage of visitors who leave after only viewing one page), session duration, and the typical number of pages visited. The more time users spend on your website, the higher the chances they will purchase from your company.

  • Utilize calls to action

Sometimes all it takes is a gentle nudge in the right direction to get people to act. A clear call to action in your marketing efforts motivates potential customers to take action.

Without a clear call to action, new visitors to your website are left to guess what their next step should be. Compelling calls to action that include specific verbs or phrases can increase conversion rates regardless of your end goal.

Don’t just use words like “act now,” “download now,” or “get free.” Use a pairing of call-to-action verbs and idioms – for example, Contact us today or Buy it off the shelf – on each page of your website.

  • Make use of CRM techniques

Customer relationship management tools can help many businesses convert leads into customers. Using one that allows you to automate your email and text communications can help to speed up the conversion process.

Some individuals respond to texts, while others respond to phone calls and emails. Using all three mediums to reach prospects gives you the best chance of getting them to respond. You can’t do it all by hand because employees will have trouble following through 100% of the time.

While configuring the logic in a CRM automation platform can help your sales team reach out to potential customers, the automation can also work against you.

When a prospect requests a free consultation, the best way to increase lead conversion is to turn off marketing automation. By removing most forms of marketing automation from your mid- and lower-funnel, you can connect with leads on a more individual level, qualify good leads faster, convert them more frequently, and retain them longer.