How To Optimize My Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile is a free Google feature that assists business owners in managing their online presence across the search engine and its expanding portfolio of utilities, which includes Google Maps.

Seasoned SEO professionals use Google Business Profiles to maximize a location-based strategy.

The first step toward local search success is to create a Google Business Profile for your business.

For brands seeking local exposure, GBP offers the most significant impact.

A feature like Google’s Local Search highlights the importance of having a GBP for established and new businesses.

How to Enhance Your Google Business Profile:

According to Google, relevant results are favored for each search, and businesses with accurate and complete information are easier to locate with the right searches. Customers must understand what you offer, where you are, and when they can reach you. Provide details such as your physical address, phone number, and a description.

To improve your profile, you should:

Fill out your Google Business profile thoroughly

Consider Google a matchmaker: someone searches for something they require, and Google matches them with the most relevant results. Business profiles are only as good as the details you put into them, and Google Business Profile is no exception.

Use keywords in your google description

Just like typical SEO, you want to make sure your content is peppered with relevant keywords and localized citations. You want to prove to google what you do and the area you serve.

Use FAQ to answer questions and get more keywords

FAQs are another great opportunity to elaborate on the keywords you are trying to rank for. Keep adding them over time to keep your GMB page fresh!

Add your services to your Google Business Page

There are options to add services which will undoubtedly give your clout with google as your try to rank for these products and services.

Fill in your business description

As it allows you to provide rich content directly to Google, your business description is an asset on your Google Business Profile. Consider this: you’re writing about your products or services on a Google profile.

The business description can be up to 750 characters, and it is recommended that you make the most of your description.

You could, for example, highlight some of your most prominent products and services or mention the towns and cities where you offer your services—the more detailed this description, the better.

Update your hours

Simply put, you want people to come to your business when it is open. If your Google Business profile states you’re open but closed, that’s a huge problem!

You can modify hours anytime and update holiday hours ahead of time.

Select the appropriate business categories

When you create a Google Business Profile, you are asked to choose your primary business category. Most people are unaware they can have up to ten different business categories.

Since Google pre-defines the categories, you can’t just enter your own; selecting the categories that best describe your business is essential. You don’t want to employ all ten categories because it will look cluttered. Instead, maintain your categories to two or three.

Select all relevant attributes

Instead of stuffing keywords into your company name or description, use attributes.

You can use attributes in Google Business Profile to specify searchable qualities in your profile. You will demonstrate your company’s distinct characteristics by choosing all applicable attributes.

Verify your location

The foundation of Google Business Profile is local search. Local search engine optimization only applies to local businesses.

As a result, you must verify your address (or business ownership) through the Google Business Profile verification process.

Most possibly, you’ll request a postcard to a specific mailing address. You must use a dedicated mailbox to verify a legitimate address.