How To Properly Ramp Up Social Media Marketing

Are you getting the desired results from your current social media marketing efforts?

What if there were some simple adjustments you could make that would save you time, enhance your effectiveness, and help you achieve your social media marketing goals?

These five simple changes to your social media marketing activities can significantly impact your results.

  1. Change Up Your Post Types

Vary the posts you share on social media to increase your chances of success.

To keep your followers engaged and interested, try incorporating images and videos (which receive more views and engagement).

Keep in mind that posting only videos or images can become tedious.

Different audiences prefer different types of content, which can change depending on their available time and the information they are searching for.

  • Create Content for Specific Platforms

Do not duplicate the same post across multiple platforms.

Since each platform and its audience are distinct, each requires a separate post. That doesn’t mean you can’t produce similar posts for each platform. Still, they must be formatted to meet each channel and audience(for example, 140 characters per tweet on Twitter and appropriate hashtags on Instagram.)

  • Schedule Post to Reach an International Audience

If you limit your posts to business hours within your time zone, you may miss out on reaching and engaging with a large portion of your community.

While this does not apply to businesses that only serve a domestic market, if your company serves (or could serve) a global community, schedule some of your posts to go live at varying times throughout the day and evening to engage and reach a more global audience.

  • Schedule All Posts for All Platforms at The Same Time

Posting and engaging on social media can take a lot of time, especially if you don’t approach it strategically.

Plan to complete all your scheduled posts simultaneously for all platforms as part of your social media marketing strategy.

This is due to two factors.

The first reason is that you will want to share individual posts on all your social media platforms, and while you modify the post for each channel, they will be similar.

The second reason is that scheduling your social media in one block of time rather than in smaller chunks throughout the day is far more efficient.

Remember that the more involved your community is, the longer this will take. Many small businesses that use two or three social media channels should be able to schedule all their posts for the week in a matter of hours.

  • Review Past Posts for Trends

At least once a month, review your previous posts and look for potential trends.

These patterns can show you if a particular post is getting more views or engagement and if a particular time of day is performing better than others.

Use the data you discover each month to improve your success and strategy.

Be aware that results may vary significantly from season to season or continually change. Therefore, you must keep an eye out for new or shifting trends, as they will evolve in tandem with the platform.