What Are PPC Retargeting Ads

Pay-per-click retargeting ads enable your company to show targeted ads to customers who visited your website but did not complete a conversion – such as purchasing an item, filling out a contact form, downloading a file, etc.

The most straightforward approach to these ads is to consider them an online method of converting casual window shoppers into buyers. Retargeting ads, which use simple tracking codes, entice previous visitors to return to your website by presenting them with relevant ads as they browse websites or search for related terms on Google. Retargeting ads keep your brand and products in the minds of previous visitors.

Why Should You Use Retargeting Ads?

When used correctly, retargeting ads can be highly beneficial. Whether you want to raise brand awareness, increase sales, or drive any other conversion form, the high click-through and conversion rates of retargeting ads speak for themselves. Every time your online window shoppers see your advertisement, they begin to recognize your brand and products, increasing their likelihood of returning and making a purchase.

With PPC retargeting ads, you’ll be able to:

Create ads easily

You can create multiple images and video ads for free using Google’s Ad gallery in just a few simple steps. There’s no need to hire a specialized graphic designer; it’s as simple as selecting the image you wish to display and adding your text.

Control costs

When correctly set up, retargeting ads provide a very high return on investment. You’ll see more conversions because you’ll be showcasing your ads to customers you already know are interested.

Create customized and tailored lists

You can create as specific retargeting lists as you want with Google Ads. You can, for example, create a list to reach out to customers who left your website with products still in their shopping baskets. You can also find people who spend considerable time looking at a specific product.

Retargeting Strategies:

Segment your audience

There are numerous ways to segment your audience (recent visitors, cart abandoners, and recent buyers), each of which could benefit from a different type of content.

You can retarget shoppers with whatever incentives make the most sense, depending on whether they visited your site a month ago or two days ago — same-day delivery, rewards program benefits, or related products.

Focus on search terms

Retargeting customers searching for keywords or phrases related to your business is a simple way to increase sales. The primary distinction between search retargeting and other forms is that it reaches users who have never visited your site and whose email addresses you have not collected.

Looking at search terms allows you to expand your reach because you’ll connect with a new pool of clients rather than just your current customer base.

Connect the data dots

In today’s competitive retail marketplace, reaching shoppers with ultra-personalized content is more important than ever. This entails gathering and unifying data from all channels, devices, and platforms to fully understand their product interests and purchase intent.

Collaborating with a vendor who can collect, assess, and act on data in real-time — ideally through predictive machine-learning technology — increases the likelihood of users clicking and converting.