Quick Deals While Your SEO Build Momentum.

PPC Search

Success is about getting the most out of every step of your journey—including the time that your SEO is revving up.

Every Single Second Counts.

Think all you can do after launching an SEO campaign is to sit around and wait for 4-6 months (average turnaround time)? If so, you’d be wrong. Our PPC Search services utilize Google Ads to generate a flood of leads for you in the meantime. After all, the reach of Google Ads, formerly known as AdWords, extends to 80% of internet users!

Here’s how we maximize your interim marketing strategy:

PPC Search Ads

To supplement SEO, we run paid ads that go above Google Page 1 rankings.


Generate warm leads which are primed-to-go pre and post-SEO!

Landing Pages

These ads take customers to optimized, conversion-driven landing pages.

Reporting ROIs

As always, we report the ROIs and conversions resulting from our PPC Google ads.

Customized Offers

The offers on landing pages are tailored to your specific goals.

Competition Analysis

We keep a keen eye on your competition’s PPC Search, so we can outshine them.

Why The Digital MC?

Let’s help you to build a solid foundation for optimized SEO. Our PPC Search ensures that no stone is left unturned!

Google Ads Expertise

We have proven experience in running successful Google Ads, based upon knowledge of the forum, its algorithms, and successful ad campaign strategies.

Integrity in Reporting

Even in this interim period before SEO efforts crystallize, we report results to you with absolute clarity and integrity. No confusion or uncertainty!

Optimization To Get Highest ROI!

We continue to monitor, track, and optimize the PPC campaign, ensuring we maximize the conversion rate and deliver the highest value.

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