Reporting Dashboard

See The Results With Your Own Eyes.

Don’t take our word for it. Track every second of your progress with your personalized reporting dashboard.

Real Results, Reported Back To You.

By having your very own reporting dashboard, you can have a full view of your marketing landscape and be the one in control.

Our clients are our partners, and we always want them to be informed and in the loop. That’s why we provide 100% transparency on the ongoing progress, key statistics, and positive results of all our efforts.

It’s how we make sure that we’re constantly improving. And how you make sure that we’re totally accountable!

What Does Your Dashboard Track?

Call Logs For Inbound Leads

Brand Reputation Online

PPC Campaign Results

Project Deliverables

Social Media Ad Performance

SEO Scores And Search Ranking

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reporting dashboard?

A dashboard is a platform that allows you to monitor all of your progress and marketing activities in one place.

What can I use it for?

In essence, any dashboard is a display of data. In our case, the reporting dashboard will display the performance indicators of our marketing campaigns and strategies.

Can my dashboard be customized?p

Every business we serve has a different marketing strategy. So yes, the dashboard is customized according to your unique goals and campaigns.

What kind of things can it display?

Anything. But for your and our purposes, PPC campaign results, SEO and search engine rankings, call logs to determine the origins of inbound leads, and much more!

Can I see results in real time?

Absolutely, if you wish, you can monitor real-time activity on your reporting dashboard like calls, clicks and conversions.

What are the benefits of this dashboard?

Knowledge is power. When you’re informed about where you’re at, you can hold our feet to the fire. But, spoiler alert: usually we have clients raving about their soaring ROIs!

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