Lock In Customers Who Are Already Halfway There

Retargeting Ads Campaigns

Imagine you had a mechanism to weed out the serious buyers from those who’ll just scroll along? PPC retargeting is that golden filter.

Retargeting Ads Works Wonders

Did you know that the CTR (click-through rate) for remarketing or retargeting ads is roughly ten times more than a regular ad? That’s why it’s such a powerful tool that you can’t afford to ignore. Our PPC retargeting includes:

Retargeting Strategy

There’s no one-size-fits-all retargeting plan. We find what’s right for you.


Position yourself as the modern company that cares and builds rapport.

Tracking Conversions

We take responsibility for tracking and reporting conversions back to you.

Customer Identification

Who does it make the most sense to retarget? We answer in depth.

Killer Content

You need magnetic, high-converting content/words. That’s what we deliver.

Lower Cost Per Click

Improve your ROI by investing in/ retargeting only high-quality leads.

Boosted Conversions

Our PPC retargeting gently guides customers to the main thing: conversions.


We help you appear all over their online world, through Google websites.

Integrated Campaigns

Retargeting within your broader marketing efforts = long-term results!

Seal the deal with our effective PPC retargeting.

Don’t Let The Best Leads Get Away.

Appeal to The Friendly Buyer

The ideal buyer. The one who’s primed to buy like a thirsty person is ready for a glass of water. You’re somewhere on their radar, so win them over at last.

We generate a detailed buyer persona complete with demographics and preferences.

Context-Based Retargeting

Now that you know their preferences, you can craft and send out ads based upon their precise needs and specific events in their calendar.

Whether it’s a limited-time offer or an insane deal, tailor it to them to make it hypnotic.


Cost-Effective Marketing

The beauty of remarketing through a PPC model is that it literally gives you double bang for your buck. It’s designed so that you pay only per click, and, we are already targeting the action-ready buyers.

Our PPC strategy ensures that you get the most ROI-friendly marketing.

Broad Reach

The word “targeting” sounds narrow, and “retargeting” even more so! But this is deceptive. With PPC retargeting, you’d be surprised how many perfect buyers are in need of your unique services.

We help you expand your marketing efforts from the fruitlessly broad to the effectively expansive.

Why The Digital MC?

Our team is ready to assist you round the clock, 24/7! Reach out today and waste no chance of winning over your ideal buyer!

Detailed Personas

Our expert analytics and research allow us to generate detailed buyer personas upon which we can construct powerful retargeting campaigns.

Efficient Retargeting

We are familiar with the rules of Google and social platforms. This enables us to work them to your advantage in high-converting retargeting.

Transparent Reporting

We report back on the conversions, click-through-rates and ROIs as a result of our remarketing strategies. We like to empower you, not leave you guessing.

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