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Social Media Ads

Social media ads are an excellent interim method for maximizing the benefit of your promotions. Don’t waste a single second of your socials!

When It Comes To Social Media Ads, Time Is Of The Essence.

Results when you need them!

The clock is ticking, and you’re on an urgent deadline to extract the most “juice” (read: conversions) from your killer promotion strategy. That’s where on-point social media ads are so helpful.

We craft a targeted ad (primarily video) which engages and delights your customers on IG/FB. This ad carries them to a landing page for more information on the offer.

These Ads Do Their Job, And Disappear.

The beginning of a larger campaign

Like PPC, social media ads are not a long-term strategy. We run them once per quarter for a two-week stretch, while your promotion is up and running.

In marketing, not everything needs to be permanent. Many times, you have to respond to or address a specific need. Like scaffolding on a building, our social media ads are engineered to fulfill a purpose and then go away.

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